A orb is a name given to the gleaming spheres that come up spontaneously in our pictures and videos.

The million dollar question is if they are due to optical anomalies or to the presence of invisible spiritual beings.

We all know that the visual spectrum of the human being is fairly limited. We need optical devices to capture the infrared and ultraviolet frequencies. Plus we were only able to make sense of many physical phenomena using telescopes, microscopes, thermal cameras, ultrafast cameras, photometers, polarimeters, reflectometers, refractometers, etc

Since digital cameras became popular, many people have found night spheres in their pictures. Most of them think they are just optical effects, but rigorous scientists such as Dr. Klaus Heinemann [1] have dismissed this hypothesis.

The former Professor of Research in Materials Science at Stanford University gives the following reasons that lead him to conclude that orbs are not optical effects:

1) There are many pictures in which an object partially covers an orb, which dismisses the idea that they are optical effects due to air particles.

2) Air particles move constantly, but there are series of pictures in which orbs keep their positions several seconds later.

3) Orbs were present in pictures taken in special research rooms where air particles had been eliminated.

4) Orbs come up in pictures taken with non digital cameras, which dismisses the possibility that they may be due to mistakes in the digital processing of CCD sensors.

Even though the interpretation of orbs as proof of presences that are invisible to human eye has no support among most scientists, let us remember that:

– Contemporary physics that work on the string theory accept the existence of 11 dimensions, most of which we cannot perceive with our senses.

– Every culture includes references to beings of spiritual nature. Judaism, Christianism, Islam and Sikhism accept the existence of angels. Can we dismiss the possibility of finding some visible trace of their presence?


I am aware that many orbs are just curious phenomena of luminic reflection due to dust  particles or water condensed in the lens of the camera. Theres is even a video on the internet that teaches us how to create our own orbs.

Nevertheless, these two personal experiences made me accept that they may be traces of the presence of spiritual beings:

Picture 1: Orbs in the Reiki Center Faro de Luz:

Picture 1

Picture 1

  • Before undertaking an energetic cleansing in a room where we were going to ask for the guidance of angels, the manager of the center and I decided to take some pictures, looking for orbs, since we had already heard about them. We took pictures before and after the energetic cleansing. There were no orbs in the picture taken before the cleansing… but there were two very distinctive ones in the picture taken after it. (Picture 1)

Picture 2

Picture 2

  • That same year, I participated in an “angel chain”, in which a friend of mine sent some angels to my place for a few days and then I would then have to ask them to visit someone else.

Picture 2


When they visited my friend, she took a picture in her place in which two orbs were found. Plus, in the five days when I hosted the angels, I took several pictures, eight of which had orbs (pictures 2 and 3).

Picture 3

I do not intend to persuade anyone with my testimony. Let each one do her own research and come to her own conclusions, as I did.

[1] Author of The Orb Project (2007) and Orbs:their Mission and Message of Hope (2010)  

Gabriel Magma